Tehran (IP) - A candidate for Iran's 13th round of presidential election believed that the US sanctions were among the most important obstacles for the country's foreign policy.

Iran PressIran News: On the sidelines of his presidential election campaign on IRIB radio, in response to Iran Press, Abdolnaser Hemmati said that two important obstacles must be removed; first, sanctions and then FATF, for the country's capacities to be appropriately used.

Regarding lifting sanctions, Hemmati noted that the Vienna talks on lifting the sanctions had so far been good, and if all sanctions were not lifted in the current government, his government's first move would be to lift the sanctions.

Hemmati stressed that with the interaction of different institutions, these two problems could be solved, which were in the interest of the government and people.

The former head of the Central Bank of Iran also highlighted inflation as another challenge of the country and said that during the last three decades, the average inflation was 20%, and if the inflation rate failed to be controlled, the exchange rate also would fail to remain constant.

Hemmati announced that his government planned to reduce inflation by 12 to 8 percent.


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