Tehran (IP) - A candidate of the 13th round of Iran's presidential election noted that the government's plan to solve the country's economic problems must be multi-dimensional.

Iran Press/Iran News: As a part of his election campaign on IRIB Radio on Friday, Saeed Jalili considered inflation, livelihood, housing, and employment as the economic problems of the country that must be addressed besides neuralization of the sanctions. 

If the government considered the people's interests, a comprehensive economic plan would be needed to eliminate the economic problems, Jalili added.

He said that the economy would be active if there were multi-dimensional economic exchanges and the leverage of foreign pressure was removed forever, not merely temporarily. 

The candidate emphasized that the next government should have a series of plans and behaviors that would lead to correcting the country's economy in all areas. 

The Guardian Council qualified 7 volunteers as the candidates for the 13th presidential election, who elaborate on their economic, cultural, political, and social plans in the national media, IRIB. 

Iran’s 13th presidential election will be held on June 18.


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