Tehran (IP): The joint exercise "Sky Shield 1400" with the presence of the strategic units of electronic warfare of the four forces of the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran, will be held tomorrow (Tuesday) with the focus on the general district of Isfahan in central Iran.

Iran PressIran News: Rear Admiral "Habibollah Sayyari," Deputy Chief of the Army for  Coordination, said on Monday: “A large part of the country demonstrates its latest achievements and combat capabilities in this sensitive and strategic field by implementing offensive and defensive tactics in the field of electronic warfare.”

Referring to the special importance of electronic warfare in the operational and intelligence scene of today's battles, Rear Admiral Sayyari added: "The army of the Islamic Republic of Iran has created the necessary infrastructure for defense and electronic warfare, and army units in this exercise in various fields, including collecting signal information in all dimensions in the form of a controlled two-way electronic warfare will perform the assigned combat operations."

According to the deployment of various systems in the rehearsal area, the Rear Admiral "Habibollah Sayyari" said: “Practicing air interception and cyber defense operations and operational analysis of the accuracy and speed in detecting, monitoring, and  Signals intelligence (SIGINT) is part of this exercise."


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