Hossein Jaberi Ansari: The former Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs

Tehran (IP) - The former Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs described the recent developments in Gaza as balancing Iran's hard and soft power.

Iran PressIran news: Hossein Jaberi Ansari, who spoke on Saturday evening on the 'West Asia Policy' program of the Club House, added: "The Palestinian issue, contrary to what has been proposed and the solution of the two countries is based on it, is not a border dispute, but we are facing identity and existence issue.”

He noted: "The Israeli side feels that if it accepts the Palestinian state, it will be the beginning of its own collapse. Under the duress of reality, the regime entered the peace process with the Palestine Liberation Organization so that it could achieve its basic project of turning Palestine into a fragmented sponge in which there is no possibility of a Palestinian identity being formed alongside Israel."

The former Iranian diplomat added: "Since 2011, Iran has faced soft power in the region due to the pursuit of a specific policy. The more the issue of Palestine would be on the agenda, the more it will have the effect of improving Iran's soft power situation in the region, and the huge imbalance between Iran's hardware and software power has improved somewhat in the light of recent developments."

"This made other countries realize that Iran was an indispensable player. It was the one that they had to agree with," he added.

Jaberi Ansari stated: "In the hardware power of Iran, a series of regional developments, and specifically the transformation of Yemen and the transformation that took place in the US elections, a new transformation was formed. Saudi Arabia, which until recently called for Iran's withdrawal from the region, recently acknowledged that dialogue with Iran is inevitable."

He emphasized: "This is a step in consolidating Iran's power in the region. The art of power is that after its creation, it is possible to consolidate it, and competitors start interacting with it in any way. The upheaval in Gaza took the initiative from Israel and had some repercussions on stabilizing Iran as a significant player."

The former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran stated: "Although Israel will try to disrupt this issue. Any of our role-playings can disrupt or reverse the results.


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