Iranian Food: Isfahan's traditional food; Beryani

No doubt that Beryani is the most well-known food of the ancient city of Isfahan in central Iran; so get familiar with the best local food of Isfahan.

Iran Press/Iran news: The Beryani is somehow like a Hamburger that contains neck meat of sheep, sheep lungs, spices, onion, salt, cinnamon, pepper, and turmeric. In Isfahan, for preparing this food they use a special frying pan with a special size and shape but everyone can cook it in an ordinary pan too. For designing it usually, they use cinnamon, almonds, walnuts, and sesame.

The Beryani always serve with Sangak bread and a dish of fresh vegetables. Of course, most of the time besides this food the chief serves a bowl of Ab-gosht (meat soup) with float pieces of bread in it. 




meat chop,

lung of a sheep or Jegar-Sefid,





black pepper,


dried mint,


pistachio slice,

and almond slice.

Recipe of Beryani:

The cooking of Beryani, this tasty food, consists of three-steps as follows:

First step: You need to cook meat and shank with water, turmeric, salt, and onion. So at first, chop the onion and cook it with four cup of water and a few spoons of liquid oil. It takes 30 minutes for cooking after boiling water. Pay attention to add salt at the end process of cooking. If you add it at first, the meat will become difficult to chew. When the meat became soft and baked keep the juice that comes from meat as it cooks.

Second step: At this step, you need to cook the lung of a sheep or Jegar-Sefid with water, salt, oil, black pepper, and onion. Chop the onion and cook it with two cup of water and a few spoons of liquid oil. Then add salt and black paper. When it cooks, roast and make it ground.

Third step: At this step, you should grind the meat with the meat juice, later grind it again after adding saffron, black pepper, dried mint, and salt. In the end, mix everything and make a round burger, roast it in a frying pan, and decorate the Beryani with walnut, pistachio slice, and almond slice. There is some specific frying pan for preparing Beryani in Isfahan. This yummy food has served with a kind of Persian bread called Sangak and a bowl of meat juice. The exciting part is a spoon of yogurt on the meat juice that creates a delicious taste.