Tehran (IP)- The head of the headquarters for managing operations against coronavirus in Tehran stated that they were preparing suitable open spaces like parks to prevent crowds and facilitate the vaccination process and lessens traffic jams.

Iran PressIran news: Speaking on the sidelines of the inauguration of the first Drive-In COVID-19 Vaccination Center in Tehran, Alireza Zali said that considering these places as a vaccination center even stops elders presence who physically have some problems.

Zali added that all people were urged to register on salamat.gov.or, which has officially been launched yesterday. Until now, 350,000 have registered online for vaccination; medical staff would call them to get their jab based on defined target vaccination groups.

Alireza Zali pointed out that there was good news about Iranian and also other vaccines import particularly for high-risk groups on the way in 5th June(Mid Khordad).

Vaccinating over 80-year olds (1450000) and over 70 years old, 960,000 in the whole country) is on the run, said the official.

The other targeted group (ages 30-35 consisting of 9 million and 700,000), which is the biggest one in the county, will also be vaccinated soon after the high-risk groups get their jabs, he noted.

Today the first Drive-In COVID-19 Vaccination Center in Tehran has been inaugurated, and in the coming days, the second one will be opened in Shahre-Rey, and soon their numbers will increase, Zali stressed.

He expressed hope that by providing enough open spaces and human forces and also to prevent crowded gatherings for vaccination in each center, 1000 individuals can be vaccinated. In the coming weeks, the crowds to get vaccinated will lessen.


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