Tehran (IP) - The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran emphasized that the government's plan was to supply and produce the coronavirus vaccine as soon as possible.

Iran PressIran news: Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Sunday at the meeting of the government's economic coordination headquarters: "Preparing, supplying and manufacturing vaccines is the main priority of the Planning and Budget Organization, the Central Bank and the Ministry of Health and Medical Education."

The President of Iran added: "According to the plan of the Ministry of Health, by the end of July, 13 million people at a high-risk group will be vaccinated in the country."

Rouhani also said that the government's priority is to increase the capacity for producing domestic vaccines.

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Referring to the measures taken in this regard, the President of Iran said: "The government's actions were carried out amid the economic war raged by the US and despite the lowest amount of oil sales and foreign exchange due to the severe sanctions imposed by the enemy."

Rouhani added: "For the year 1400, the necessary prediction for providing vaccines and financial and banking support will be made and will be implemented."

Procurement and supply of vaccines from the COVAX Fund, and purchase and import of vaccines in accordance with agreements reached with some countries, acceleration of payment of allocated resources, and the necessary coordination between agencies to advance affairs, were among the topics raised at the Cabinet meeting for the rapid vaccine supply.


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