Iranian drinks:

Khak-e-shir is one of the best choices for the hot sunny days of summer, this cold Persian drink also acts as a natural blood purifier.

Iran Press/Iran news: Khak-e-shir (Descurainia sophia) is a member of the mustard family, the common names include flixweed, herb-Sophia, and tansy mustard.

Khak-e-shir or flixweed was once given to patients suffering from dysentery and called by ancient herbalists Sophia Chirurgorum.

The drink is traditionally favored as a thirst quencher during hot summer days and is extremely beneficial. 

It is also considered a medicinal substance in traditional Iranian medicine, consumed in varying combinations with other herbs and substances to gain effects ranging from antidiuretic to aphrodisiac.

Khak-e-shir sharbat consists of flixweed seeds mixed with water, sugar, ice, and sometimes rosewater.

Ingredients: Flixweed seeds, water, sugar, rosewater.


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