If you plan to boost your immunity by making some dietary changes and cut the risk of contracting COVID-19, you must switch to zinc-rich foods.

Iran PressEurope: A good immune system will help your body fight flu and infections, including Vitamin C and Zinc will give it a boost.

Zinc is one of those nutrients that play a significant role in our body's functions. From boosting immunity to helping in the synthesis of protein, enzymatic reaction, and growth and development, zinc does it all for us. Naturally found in plant and animal foods including meat, seed, nuts, whole grains, chickpeas, etc., zinc speeds up the healing of wounds.

A deficiency of zinc in the body can lead to symptoms including unexplained weight loss, a weakened immunity, lack of alertness, loss of appetite, open pores on the skin, and a decreased sense of smell and taste.

decreased sense of smell and taste.

Here Are 5 Zinc-Rich Foods For Immunity:

Eggs: As per the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) data, one egg contains 5 percent (0.6mg). Include eggs in your daily diet.

Curd: Gut health is important and curd helps in improving your gut and has a good amount of zinc which will help boost your immune system.

Nuts and Seeds: Have a handful of dry fruits including almonds, walnuts, raisins, with seeds including sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, and sesame seeds. Nuts and seeds are packed with zinc.

Chickpeas: Who doesn’t love chole? It is one of the favorite Indian meals. Did you know, the white-colored legume has a good amount of zinc (1.53 mg of zinc per 100 gm), as per the data by the USDA.

Chicken: Chicken is one of the best sources to get your dose of zinc. Not just that, Chicken is also packed with Vitamin B12, protein, and it keeps your nervous system healthy and helps in cell generation.

This essential micro-nutrient helps in cell growth and its survival. Zinc acts as a messenger for the immune system. It functions as an intracellular signal molecule for the body’s defense cells. It also reduces the level of cytokines, chemicals that are harmful to the body. Zinc helps in boosting the production of infection-fighting cells (WBC and T cells). A good immunity can help you effectively combat the virus in case you contract it.


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