Head of the Iranian President's office said talks in Vienna are pursued within the framework of the principles set by the Islamic Republic.

Iran PressIran News: Mahmoud Vaezi further said that some progress has been reportedly made in the issue of lifting the JCPOA-related sanctions.

Asked about any serious disagreements in the negotiations, the senior official said that given the fact talks are still going on, steps taken so far are promising so certain claims that there are some disagreements leading to disruption of the overall negotiation process are not true. 

He pointed out that with the current procedure, it could be predicted thanks to the skill and capabilities of the Iranian negotiating team, the lifting of sanctions will not be out of reach while observing the red lines of the country's top decision-making authorities. 

Vaezi added that one thing to top agenda in this situation is Iran's national interests.

The official noted that with the present process of the Vienna talks, as the President emphasized in the cabinet meeting, the complete lifting of sanctions is not out of reach and we must all follow the same path.