Tehran (IP) - The manufacture of fighter jets in Iran, especially in the last two decades, has been seriously pursued due to the needs of the army and the need to balance Iran's aerial power with countries in the region.

Iran Press/Iran News: The design and production of fighter jets are the most sophisticated and complicated technologies in the world.

Its knowledge is among the advanced sciences available to only a few countries, and Iran is one of the countries with knowledge of designing and building aircraft, especially fighters.

With fighters such as Kowsar and Yassin training jet, Iran is among the few countries with advanced air technology.

One of the achievements of the efforts is the Saegheh (meaning Lightning or Thunder in Persian), which is produced as an indigenized fighter in two types of 'Saegheh-1' single pilot and 'Saegheh-2' with double pilots.

The Saegheh is a close-range patronage bomber that can carry a variety of weapons for ground targets and detect and track air targets. 

Saegheh and Azarakhsh are the first Iran-made fighters, and all the design and construction processes of their models were carried out completely in Iran.

Saegheh-2 is a newer model of a Saegheh fighter that was unveiled on February 9, 2015.

One of the advantages of the fighter is the use of a newer electro-avionic system than Saegheh-1, which enables Saegheh-2 to be more coordinated with other systems of this fighter when using its weapons.

A closer look at the images of the first and second generations of Saegheh shows that the Saegheh-1 cockpit was designed for a single pilot, which in the second generation evolved into a double-pilot cockpit, which shows that this fighter is going to be used for aggressive/training purposes. 


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