Two smart bombs, Yasin and Balaban, classified as guided-missiles and a precision-guided bomb, Qaem, unveiled by the Iranian Defence Minister, Brigadier-General Amir Hatami.

Iran Press/ Iran News: In the unveiling ceremony on Tuesday, Brigadier-General Amir Hatami emphasizing on the importance of defence power as an authority in the international system, said that developing of defensive deterrence is on the Iranian Defence Ministry's agenda.

Regarding Qaem optic smart bomb, Hatami said: "It is equipped with visible, heat and cylinder seekers, which will be installed on various kinds of unmanned planes, choppers, and fighters for destroying fortifications and the targets on movement. 

"The long-range guided Yasin bomb is capable of hitting over the 50-km target," he continued.

He added that Balaban smart bomb has folding wings for increasing range and also GPS/INS navigation system for boosting its precision to be installed under an airplane.

According to General Amir Hatami, the advantage of using GPS with an INS is that the INS may be calibrated by the GPS signals and that the INS can provide position and angle updates at a quicker rate than GPS. For high dynamic vehicles, such as missiles and aircraft, INS fills in the gaps between GPS positions.

"The possibility of using in all weather conditions, day and night, ability to install on unmanned and manned planes, boosting security and safety of the system and the ability to conduct short and long-range operations, are the other abilities of these bombs," he elaborated.


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