An Iranian company has developed an antibacterial blanket containing nanoparticles that can help improve the health of passengers, while also being highly fire-resistant.

Iran Press/Iran News: Airline blankets are usually washed and reused, and these blankets may absorb bacteria and germs that are not destroyed during washing and cause illness to passengers.

To solve the problem, one of the textile industry companies has produced an antibacterial blanket using polyester-acrylic fabric.

These blankets are made of nanoparticles that make them antimicrobial. 

Bacteria use an enzyme to absorb oxygen and survive. The use of these nanoparticles inactivates the function of the enzyme and thus reduces oxygen uptake.

The knowledge-based company also weaves a variety of fabrics for the clothes of employees of the most famous Iranian brands.

The quality of the products also made some well-known European manufacturers such as C&A in Germany cooperate with the company in the following years.


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