Democracy is not Coca-Cola: China says to US

Chinese Foreign Minister has urged Washington to abandon its ideological approach to foreign policy, arguing that it is wrong of the US to try to model the rest of the world in its own image.

Iran Press/ Asia: According to Russia Today, Speaking with the US Council on Foreign Relations via video link on Friday, Wang Yi offered a series of suggestions that he said would improve bilateral relations between the two nations. He called on the US to seek peaceful coexistence with Beijing and accept that China has chosen an independent path and system. 

“Democracy is not Coca-Cola, which, with the syrup produced by the United States, tastes the same across the world. The world will be lifeless and dull if there is only one single model and one single civilization,” the senior Chinese diplomat noted. 

He said that it was wrong to describe China as 'authoritarian' because the country’s democracy takes a different form than that of the United States. "At the same time, Washington should refrain from using democracy and human rights as a pretext to meddle in other countries' internal affairs or provoke a confrontation that can lead to turmoil or disaster," Wang said. 


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