Iran official:

Tehran (IP) - The head of the Iranian Judiciary's High Council for Human Rights, in a meeting with the Japanese ambassador to Tehran said that Hiroshima and Sardasht are a clear symbol of American and European crimes against humanity, noting that Iran and Japan are the biggest victims of weapons of mass destruction in the 20th century.

Iran PressIran News:  Ali Bagheri-Kani, in a meeting with Kazutoshi Aikawa, the new Ambassador of Japan to Iran, called human rights a holy human value, saying: "Westerners claiming human rights have the blackest record of human rights violations. In this regard, they are by far the record holders of human rights violations throughout human history."

"Tehran and Tokyo can launch a global movement to confront the manufacturers, sellers, and users of weapons of mass destruction," he said, calling on Japan to join the Iranian initiative on disarmament. 

Ali Bagheri-Kani added: "The difference between Iran's offer for the disarmament of mass destruction and other similar international organizations is that, contrary to international treaties on disarmament, which largely exclude major powers from disarmament, the global movement for the total disarmament of mass destruction is all-encompassing and does not exclude any country."

In another part of his remarks, the high-ranking Judiciary official referred to the Iranians in Japanese prisons and called on the Japanese ambassador to take the necessary measures to improve the conditions of these prisoners and to arrange for their transfer to Iran.

Japan's Ambassador to Tehran, Kazutoshi Aikawa, stressed that he would follow up on the problems of Iranian prisoners in Japan.


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