Iranian Minister of Economy explains parliamentary solution to improve economy

Tehran (IP) - Iranian Minister of Economy and Finance, in Parliamentary open session held on Tuesday morning, explained the latest economic plans for improving the Islamic country's economy, including ways of providing budget through transfer indication of key resolutions regarding the improvement of the business environment.

Iran PressIran news: Iranian Minister of Economy and Finance Farhad Dejpasand, in a parliamentary open session on Tuesday in the presence of the lawmakers, answered the question of Ahmad Alireza Beigi, representative of Tabriz, regarding the reason for the transfer of the Iran Air Tour saying: "The move was aimed at serving the interests of the government in budget affairs. Last year, we managed to transfer 35,000 billion tomans directly through transfers to the treasury."

"32,000 billion tomans of this which, was the budget directing comes out of the transfer, which was transparently offered in the capital market," he added.

Dejpsand also said: "About 2,000 One billion tomans had been received from installments. Also, 14,500 billion tomans of shares have been transferred, but its resources have been transferred to a targeted organization instead of the treasury to be paid to the people to implement the law on the livelihood of the parliament and the Corona Task Force. 127,000 billion tomans have been transferred, based on which we had the most distinctive year last year."

In response to a question from Shiraz MP Ruhollah Nejabat, Farhad Dejpasand said that the parliament had one of the key resolutions regarding the improvement of the business environment in the last months of last year, which was to amend Articles 1 and 7 of Article 44 Policy Implementation Law which plays a key role in easing and removing the regulation which seems unnecessary.

"Fortunately, our actions have been able to modify the atmosphere in practice in such a way that an economic activist in the first place in terms of company registration time is reduced from 72 days to 72 hours, in the new year for economic activists to create good and suitable atmosphere and according to the slogan of the year, we held many meetings and for this slogan, we should take appropriate measures and provide conditions for economic activists," he added.


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