Iran’s Govt. Spox:

Tehran (IP) - The Iranian government spokesman said that in fact, it was Iran that welcomed the US government's decision to negotiate with the P4+1 to return to JCPOA and resume US commitments.

Iran PressIran News: Ali Rabiei told on his weekly news conference on Tuesday in response to Iran Press' question about Biden's claim that 60% uranium enrichment would not help the nuclear deal that what Iran was doing as a member of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) was negotiating within the framework of a joint commission with the P4+1 to ensure the US' return to the agreement and lift all sanctions that were required to implement UN Security Council Resolution 2231.

He said the start of 60 percent enrichment in Natanz was a demonstration of Iran's technical prowess in responding to terrorist sabotage at the facility and proving that such vicious actions could not slow Iran's scientific progress in a peaceful nuclear industry.

Rabiei said: "The start of 60 percent enrichment could not have happened if the United States, instead of remaining silent and refraining from condemning this terrorist attack, had returned quickly to the JCPOA and fulfilled its commitments."

The Iranian government spokesman said: "Secondly, this action of Iran is based on Paragraph 36 of JCPOA, and then the fifth step is following the policy of scaling back obligations, and like other previous steps, if other parties commit to their obligations, Iran can quickly return to an agreed level according to JCPOA."

Rabiei added that Iran would continue to assess the atmosphere of dialogue in Vienna positively and was cautiously hoping to understand the revival of JCPOA, but it was too early to express optimism or pessimism about the outcome of the talks.

The spokesman of the Iranian government stressed that Iran was determined to obtain the necessary assurances from the implementation of the orders of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution in the form of a definite policy that is lifting all sanctions and verifying them.


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