Media sources reported the arrival of US marines at an airport in Al-Mahrah province in eastern Yemen.

Iran Press/Middle East: According to Al-Masira, on Sunday, the US Marines entered Al-Mahrah International Airport and settled in areas under the control of Saudi aggressors.

Late last January, joint US-British forces arrived at the airport.

US-British movements in the provinces under the control of Saudi coalition forces and the ousted government of Mansour Hadi have become quite apparent, especially since US Ambassador to Yemen Christopher Hansel visited Al-Mahrah Airport in early December.

Although Al-Mahrah province is far from the center of the conflict in this country, it is a strategic and crucial province for the aggressor coalition of Saudi Arabia and the United States.

Al-Mahrah province is of great geographical importance. This province is located in the east of Yemen and borders with Oman. From the south, it reaches the Makran Sea and the port of Nastoun, and from the north, the border with Saudi Arabia.


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