Tehran (IP) - The caretaker of the Iran Cycling Federation (CFI), Afshin Davari, said that Iran's top cyclists will be sent to prestigious global competitions and especially around Europe.

Iran Press/Iran News: On the sidelines of the cycling qualification competitions for Iran's team, Afshin Davari, in an interview with Iran Press said:" The top 10 participants of the selected national cycling competitions of the Iranian national team will be invited to the training camp.

The caretaker of the Iran Cycling Federation (CFI) said: "In the coming months, two more rounds of qualifying competitions for the Iranian national cycling team will be held, and the top champion in a total of three rounds will be sent to the Tokyo Olympics."

Afshin Davari said that due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, we will hold the next round of the national cycling team selection competitions just with the presence of prominent cyclists.

Davari said: The selection of the Iranian national cycling team is a good benchmark for cyclists sent to the Asian Championship.


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