Mikhail Ulyanov, the Permanent Russian envoy in Vienna, said that expert groups working by JCPOA to lift US anti-Iranian sanctions in his latest tweet.

Iran PressEurope: "Two expert groups by the instructions of the Joint Commission on JCPOA continue to work in Vienna to lift US anti-Iranian sanctions and return Iran to the observance of his obligations in the poisonous field," Mikhail Ulyanov Permanent Representative of Russia to International Organizations in Vienna tweeted.

"Growing up in both groups. The delegation made specific proposals for consideration," he added.

 In a Tuesday tweet, Mikhail Ulyanov wrote that Tuesday's meeting of the JCPOA Joint Commission was successful.

"Two expert-level groups (on sanctions lifting and nuclear issues) were tasked to identify concrete measures to be taken by Washington and Tehran to restore full implementation of JCPOA. The groups started to work immediately," he added.

Iran's deputy foreign minister said there would be no negotiation about the JCPOA between Iran and the United States.

About the JCPOA Joint Commission meeting in Vienna, Abbas Araghchi stated on Tuesday that the talks were technical and legal issues about how the United States and then Iran would implement the nuclear agreement.

Also, on Tuesday, a senior Iranian official says that in Iran's view, all US sanctions, including those of the Obama administration, sanctions reinstated by Trump, and sanctions imposed during the Trump administration with non-nuclear labels, must be lifted.


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