Tehran (IP) – Iranian President's chief of staff said the current administration would hand over the power to the future administration without sanctions and with extensive COVID vaccinations.

Iran Press/Iran News: On the sidelines of today's cabinet meeting, Mahmoud Vaezi responding to Iran Press question regarding whether the revival of JCPOA has been linked to next year's presidential election, said: "The lifting of sanctions has nothing to do with the election because the next administration is a continuation of the current one, which is currently in office and considers it its duty to serve the people."

He stated that the sanctions had been an injustice to the Iranian people since the first day, and efforts must be made to lift them immediately.

"Of course, the lifting of sanctions must be with the dignity and resistance that the Iranian people have shown in the past three years, and this is the government's policy, and it will continue with vigor," he noted.

Responding to the claim that the United States has started covert diplomacy with Iran through various channels to revive the JCPOA he said the Iranian administration had not negotiated with the United States since the beginning of the Biden administration.

"Currently, there is no basis for bilateral negotiations," he underlined.

"Of course, there are channels in Europe sending messages, such as the Swiss channel, so it is natural that they send some information about the JCPOA that the Iranian administration is aware of," he concluded.


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