Tehran (IP): The 13th International Festival of “Harkat” ended with the introduction of the best in both domestic and foreign sections at Iran University of Science and Technology.

Iran PressIran News: At the 13th International Festival of Harkat, the works and achievements of domestic and foreign unions and scientific associations were displayed.

Some goals of holding such a festival include competition and presentation of top achievements of scientific unions and associations. The main strategy of the festival was to stress the knowledge-based economy and the resistive economy.

Speaking at the closing ceremony of the festival, Minister of Science, Research and Technology of Iran, Mansour Gholami said: "Student-scientific associations have good capacities and have managed to do valuable work based on their goals."

Gholami added: "The young generation is preparing for the future and must also gain a lot of experience in areas, including science and technology in university environments."

"Doing joint and collective work, especially participating in scientific ideas while criticizing and developing those ideas, should be the duty of academic-scientific associations," he noted.

At the end of the ceremony, awards were presented to the best of the festival from Iran, Serbia, Albania and Indonesia.


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