Tehran (IP) – The IRGC chief commander said that amid sanctions Iran has achieved great technological advances in the field of defense, saying achievements in the field of electronic warfare are within components of the IRGC's power.

Iran Press/Iran News: Speaking at the ceremony of joining missile equipment to the IRGC Navy Force on Monday morning, Major General Salami called decline and destruction as the inevitable fate of the global arrogance and the enemies.

He described the heat of jihad and resistance as the most important factor in melting the icebergs of arrogant power, saying: "Great successes are achieved in the light of resistance, jihad, empowerment and getting out of passivism, and construction, expanding and using power in Islamic Iran. It is an interconnectedness that originates from the wills and tacts of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces."

"Mechanical, technical and modern movements also rely on electronic life, and sometimes electronic warfare is a complete level of confrontation, and superiority in this war can disable important part of the enemy's ability and power," the Iranian top general noted.

He added: "Communications, information and other areas are also dependent on electronics, and efforts made in this area means creating a new advantage for us; Praise be to God ... Today, Islamic Iran has a lot to say in this area."

Referring to the fact that Iran's IRGC has made great technological advances in the field of defense amid sanctions Major General Salami said: "It is important that our defense capabilities are expanding based on domestic capabilities, and today new developments in the field of electronic warfare are one of the components of our power."

In the end, the IRGC Chief Commander emphasized that Iran's defense force is fully equipped saying: "We defend our interests, dignity and honor with authority and we are confident that we will emerge victorious in this holy defense."

General Salami named the Islamic Revolution of Iran as a source of awareness for the world in the age of modern ignorance and stated: "Despite the alliance of all the oppressors, demons, and arrogant people of the world in the last four decades to defeat the inspirational revolution of the Islamic Republic of Iran, they have achieved nothing but despair, failure, defeat, and exhaustion."

IRGC chief-commander called the IRGC Navy Force as one of the important pillars of the IRGC's defense and said: "Our empowerment is based on prudence and idealism and to promote the glory and greatness of the Iranian nation."

He noted that the enemies of Islam and Iran, after losing major military wars, proxy wars, and cultural aggression, followed three basic lines to strike the Islamic system and said: "The paralysis of the economy and the pressuring of people's livelihood to subdue the Iranian nation is the central point of the enemy's strategy in achieving these sinister goals."

He went on to say that disrupting the defense of Islamic Iran with the aim of weakening the process of increasing power, creating dignity, eliminating the influence of revolutionary Iran in the region, and also neutralizing this influential power in the minds and hearts of Muslim nations had been among enemy's strategies against the holy system of the Islamic Republic.

"Today, looking at the arena of this comprehensive confrontation and in a situation where we are witnessing the helplessness, inability, and defeat of the enemy in its sinister strategies, the Iranian nation stands with dignity and overcome them without fear of sanctions, and every day a golden chapter is added to the honors and unparalleled achievements of the Islamic system and our dear people," he said.

He pointed out that the Iranian nation had exhausted the enemy of imposing pressure and sanctions.

IRGC Navy Commander: Enemies' aggression to be dealt fatally

Speaking at the ceremony, the IRGC Navy Commander Rear Admiral Ali Reza Tangsiri warned that in case of any aggression Iran will deal a fatal blow to the enemies.

He stressed that the upgrading process of the combat capability of the IRGC navy will continue in line with Commander-in-Chief Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei's auspice and tact and the strategy of "strengthening", saying: "We, as the Leader's soldiers and the nation of Iran, are committed to our military commitment till the very end and in case the enemies want to attack, we will deal a fatal blow to them."

"Today, a part of our missile power enters the operational section and the IRGC naval combat unit, which has superior capabilities and features in the field of battle and has been designed and produced by utilizing the capability and capacities of domestic experts," the Iranian commander added.

He added: "These add-on systems have the ability to shoot accurately from the depths and locations of passive defense, shooting in 360-degrees, moving, throwing mines at different ranges and the ability to counter electronic warfare, and their range and destructive power have been improved compared to the past."

The commander of the IRGC navy further stated: "These missile systems, which were designed and built by capable Iranian experts in the Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces Logistics, IRGC research centers and self-sufficiency organization and knowledge-based companies, will join the IRGC naval combat unit coinciding with the birth of Imam Hussein (AS) (The Third Shi'a Imam) and the day of the Revolution Guards."

Commander of the IRGC Navy said that the joining process of new electronic warfare equipment to IRGC Navy would result in great advances in the related field and it would increase its operational capability.

Electronic warfare systems; enhance operational capability

Rear Admiral Alireza Tangsiri, while referring to the joining of new electronic warfare equipment to IRGC Navy, stated that the move was going to bring about significant changes and advances in the field of electronic warfare of the IRGC Navy more than ever.

Tangsiri said: "By using these indigenous systems that are capable of monitoring enemy signals, the operational capability of the force in this area is further enhanced."

Commander of the IRGC Navy added: "Today, the sixth edition of equipment joining ceremony to the IRGC Navy will take place in the current year, and the indigenous equipment in the field of cyber and electronic warfare, which have been built using the knowledge and capabilities of the Iranians, will be added to the IRGC Naval Combat Organization."

He added: "In this ceremony, indigenous electronic warfare systems, including surveillance systems, radar, navigation, disruption, etc., which add new capabilities to the operational capacity of the IRGC navy, will be deployed on our fixed and mobile sites and as the result, the enemies will see our power enhancement."


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