Vaezi: Government promises sanctions' removal, better life for people

Tehran(IP): Chief of Iran's presidential staff said the government has adopted measures to lift the sanctions while promising a better life for the people for the new upcoming Iranian year 1400.

Iran Press/Iran News: Mahmoud Vaezi added: "The government's effort is to lift the sanctions as soon as possible and hand over the government to the next government without sanctions, and this is very important for us."

He added: "The president dedicates all his time and effort to doing this, and Iran's foreign minister and other colleagues are also working hard."

However, Vaezi noted that the important fact was that Iran's dignity would be preserved and Iran's actions would be from a position of power, something that was explicitly stated by the Leader.

Regarding the government's plans and other actions, the chief of the presidential staff said: "We intend that when we hand over the government, the issue of the coronavirus in the country would reach a point in terms of vaccination, treatment, and prevention that is no longer a concern of the people."


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