Tehran (IP) - The special clinic for neurological and facial disorders was set up for the first time in the country, with a team of specialists in Tehran's Rasool Akram Hospital.

Iran PressIran News: Dr. Ahmad Daneshi, director of the Department of Otolaryngology, University of Medical Sciences, said: "Easy access of patients to the required specialties, increasing trust in the services provided and saving time and money of patients are some of the benefits of the clinic."

Referring to the long process of treatment in some diseases, including neck cancer, Dr. Shabahang Mohammadi, an ENT specialist said: "the opening of the clinic was an effective step in increasing the speed of patients' rehabilitation."

Dr. Ali Mohammad Asghari, another ENT specialist, said: "Facial nerve treatment is complicated and requires a medical team, and cooperation in the clinic will increase the quality and faster treatment of patients."

Dr. Emamikhah, a neurologist, also stated: "Diagnosis and treatment of these diseases require physiotherapists, plastic surgeons, and ENT specialists who cohesively perform diagnostic work in this clinic."

 Dr. Saleh Mohebbi, ENT specialist emphasized that the treatment of diseases that require consultation and cooperation of several different specialized fields should be done as a team.

"The establishment of the clinic plays an important role in reducing the duration of treatment and increasing the quality of services and satisfaction of patients," Dr. Mohebbi highlighted.


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