Uniqop is the first Persian grocery store that offers online shopping and a particular logistic system.

Iran Press/America: Uniqop, a Persian startup company, has gained rapid popularity in North America within few months.

Uniqop is an online Persian grocery store that has become popular by taking advantage of vast lockdowns in California. Despite the high number of the Persian community in North America, there are not adequate Persian food stores to supply the demand. Persian markets are usually distant and even rare in some states of the countries. When many people preferred to do their shopping online during lockdowns, Uniqop supported the Persian community in North America.

Uniqop’s founders state that they used to be thinking about a comprehensive platform for supplying Persian food groceries’ demand since they had first come to the country. “Although we didn’t design this platform because of the lockdowns, the Coronavirus pandemic acted like an accelerator for us.” said the founders. Although many believe that Uniqop owes its popularity to COVID Pandemic and its lockdowns, it has gained this rapid success because of its original features. Being the pioneer Persian online grocery store is the primary reason for this startup’s resolution in this modern digital era."

Besides being a pioneer in offering online Persian food, Uniqop has many significant features that make it unique. Offering free delivery in Los Angeles County, where the most Persian community in North America has, is one of the exquisite reasons for Uniqop’s success. This online Persian grocery store offers same-day and free delivery for its customer in Los Angeles County. Customers can also get their orders via drones and Uniqop’s exclusive logistic system. Many customers have reported their high satisfaction with the store because of their dedicated logistic team besides their comprehensive supermarket.

Another exquisite reason for this startup’s swift success is that the digital platforms offered by Uniqop are technically robust and practical. Uniqop’s store includes a warehouse located in Los Angles and a website and apps as the online stores. Everyone can access Uniqop’s online Persian grocery store via its site or smartphone apps. These digital platforms let the customers save time by searching and categorizing the products. Thanks to its dedicated technical team, Uniqop has created the most powerful digital media that is very user-friendly and serves customers with the latest technologies.

In 2020, when many companies were thinking about terminating their businesses, a Startup company attained huge accomplishment by creating a comprehensive online platform for shopping Persian food groceries. Uniqop is an online Persian grocery store that offers same-day and free delivery all over Los Angeles County started its journey in Coronavirus pandemic’s lockdowns. It could gain significant fame in a short time by adding special features to its Persian grocery store. Offering shipping throughout the country, offering same-day delivery with the exclusive logistic system in LA, being the pioneer bilingual(Persian and English) online Persian grocery store, and offering a comprehensive collection of Persian food groceries with affordable costs are some of the reasons that made this startup successful quickly.


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