Baghdad (IP) - Pope Francis honored the victims of one of Iraq’s most brutal massacres of Christians by militants by saying their deaths are a reminder that violence is incompatible with authentic religious teaching.

Iran PressMiddle East: On Friday, Pope Francis prayed at Baghdad's Our Lady of Salvation Church that was the site of one of the worst massacres of Christians, the 2010 attack by militants that left 58 people dead.

Francis was praying at the church, where on Oct 31, 2010, extremists gunned down worshippers in an attack that left 58 people dead. Forty-eight were Catholic, and the Vatican considers their beatification as “martyrs” in the first step to possible sainthood. Photos of the 48 adorned the altar where Francis spoke.

Meeting with Iraqi priests, seminarians, and religious sisters, Francis said: “Their deaths are a powerful reminder that inciting war, hateful attitudes, violence or the shedding of blood are incompatible with authentic religious teaching.”


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