In a letter to US President Joe Biden, 32 US agencies have stressed that, given that the United States is the first party that has withdrawn from the JCPOA, the country should return to the agreement.

Iran Press/America: The signatories of the letter to the US President reminded that returning to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) is one of the most important promises made during Biden's election campaign.

They also reminded Biden that he had previously described Trump's "maximum pressure" policy as a "dangerous failure."

US agencies have welcomed some of the Biden administration's actions, such as withdrawing the previous administration's claim to reinstate UN sanctions on Iran, but they have expressed their concern about some of the Biden administration's statements that Tehran should take the first steps in order for the US to rejoin JCPOA.

The new US administration, led by Joe Biden, has acknowledged the flaws in Trump's policy toward Iran and said it intends to return to the Security Council-approved agreement, given that the unilateral withdrawal from the UN Security Council has led to US international isolation.

However, Biden government officials have said that they will return to the JCPOA after Iran's withdrawal from retaliatory measures; these remarks come as Washington has unilaterally withdrawn from violating the nuclear deal.

Former US President Donald Trump unilaterally withdrew from the Nuclear Deal on Tuesday, May 8, 2018, violating Washington's commitments under the JCPOA and announced the re-imposition of sanctions on Iran.

Iran fully complied with its obligations under the Nuclear Deal for one more year after the US illegal withdrawal from the JCPOA, giving European countries a chance to live up to their commitments.

One year after European governments failed to deliver on their promises, Tehran announced that it would gradually reduce its obligations under Articles 26 and 36 of the agreement to strike a balance between its obligations and its rights.