Tehran (IP) - The conference of Iranian parties in the 1400 elections were held this evening at the Ministry of Interior.

Iran Press/Iran News: During the conference, which was held in the presence of the Iranian Interior Minister, Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli several secretaries’ general of Iranian parties spoke about the 1400 elections.

In this conference, Mostafa Kavakebian, Secretary-General of the Democracy Party said: Elections are not just a task, it is a right and we must accept it; Therefore, the Iranian government and system respect the elections.

Asadullah Badamchian, Secretary-General of the Islamic Coalition Party, delivered a speech, adding: In a fair assessment, all views and groups in the Islamic Revolution of Iran have served the country and made mistakes, but what is important is the actions in the second step of the revolution. In my opinion and the Coalition Party, principlists and reformists no longer make sense to the Iranian people.

Mohammad Hosseini, Secretary-General of the Association of Islamic Iranian Scholars, said: "Reformist candidates have been present in all Iranian presidential elections.

Mohammad Zare Foumani, Secretary-General of the People's Reform Party, stated: "I do not accept that the Iranian people do not come for elections, the Iranian people love their revolution and love their leader."


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