Tehran (IP) - Iran’s Health Minister said that the trend of coronavirus in the southwest of Iran is worrying.

Iran Press/Iran News: Saeed Namaki on Wednesday in presenting a report on the latest situation of coronavirus in Iran said, "Unfortunately, most cities in Khuzestan province are dealing with COVID-19."

Namaki stated that the coronavirus was different from the Chinese virus, adding that the UK variant of the virus had a high rate of transmission and death toll.

He stated that all flights had been canceled due to the coronavirus in other countries and only cargo flights were active.

Namaki said that the observance of health protocols in Khuzestan province was low, adding that the neighboring provinces of Khuzestan province should be careful about the virus.

Health Minister also referred to Arbor Day in the country, asking people to plant a tree in memory of health system martyrs which was a good and effective step.

Regarding the corona vaccine and vaccination, the Iranian Minister of Health, Treatment, and Medical Education said that new vaccines had been introduced and new vulnerable groups had been added to the vaccination priority.


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