Tehran (IP) – Iran's Health Minister expressed worrisome over the spread of UK variant COVID all over the country, especially in Khuzestan Province.

Iran Press/Iran News: Giving the latest information about coronavirus in Iran at the Health Ministry on Wednesday, Saeed Namaki said: "As I have predicted, a critical month is ahead."

Considering that observing health protocols had been reduced tremendously across Iran, he stated that there was a meaningful relation between ignoring hygiene and the death toll.

"UK variant COVID spreads easily and fast in all provinces, and the number of hospitalized patients has increased sharply," he noted.

Namaki went on to say that while Wuhan needed seven to ten days to hospitalize a patient, this UK variant one needed only 72 hours.

"As I have said, all Iran’s border crossings must be closed, and traveling to Iraq, including Najaf and Karbala, is not wise," he pointed.

"Although tough days may be ahead, the Health Ministry is still by people and will do its best to provide services for all patients," Namaki said.

The health minister announced that 11 cities were red, 52 orange, 217 yellow, and 168 were blue zones.

Namaki also pointed to the second phase of coronavirus vaccination and expressed hope that all medical staff would be vaccinated until the end of the Iranian year.

"The common vaccine project (Iran-Cuba) is going well, and 100,000 dozes will be produced at the first phase," he highlighted.


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