IRAN (IP)- Iran's first vice president has said that Iranian entrepreneurs kept the country's industries alive in these difficult conditions when the Americans wanted to cripple Iran's economy and production.

Iran PressIran news: Referring to some criticisms about the obstacles created for craftsmen, in the fifth awarding Amin al Zarb badge of entrepreneurship, Jahangiri said: "Producer and craftsman always have the task of drawing a bright future so that the governments be able to move forward the country."

In this meeting, which was also attended by the mayor of Tehran and the head of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce, 9 of the country's craftsmen and entrepreneurs were awarded the 'Amin al Zarb' entrepreneurial badge and statue.

The Amin al-Zarb Badge (named after a merchant and philanthropist who founded the TCCIM 136 years ago) is given to leading entrepreneurs and thinkers in recognition of their contribution to the economy. 


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