Iran (IP)- One of the important defense achievements of the Islamic Republic of Iran is the advanced training jet "Yasin," designed, built, and tested by Iran's experts.

Iran Press/Iran News: The aircraft was designed and built by the Ministry of Defense's Aviation Industry Organization in collaboration with the Army Air Force and knowledge-based companies and is intended to be used as a training aircraft in training the country's fighter pilots.

The unveiling of Yasin Training Jet

Yassin training jet, formerly known as "Kowsar 88", was first unveiled in April 2017 during the President of Iran's visit to the defense achievements exhibition.

After passing the final test stages, Yassin Advanced Training Jet launched its first official flight in a ceremony in October 2019. In this way, Iran has been able to design and produce a training jet aircraft at the lowest cost globally, without having a similar model and bringing it to the flight stage.

Yassin's plan has been developed for a period of about a decade. Thus an important step has been taken in Iran's complete self-sufficiency in training fighter pilots to fly advanced fighter jets.


The importance of Yasin training jet

At present, the role of Yassin aircraft as an advanced training jet is significant. As one of the most sensitive military occupations, Jetfighter pilot training is done in several stages with a targeted program.

After the theoretical content and work with the initial simulators, these steps are followed by flying with simple and advanced propeller planes and then simple jets and then advanced jets. Finally, the pilots are trained with a two-cabin sample of the main fighter, and if successful in all these stages, they will be able to fly as independent fighter pilots. Each of the above steps requires having its own aircraft. Yassin Training Jet is actually related to the second and complementary phase of fighter jet pilot training.


Operational needs

Abdolkarim Bani-Torofi, CEO of the Aviation Industry Organization, regarding the differences between this training aircraft and the Kowsar fighter, which was unveiled in 2018, said: "Kowsar is a supersonic fighter aircraft, but this aircraft is designed for training features at low speed because the training pilot must first be trained with a subsonic aircraft."

There is a need for 3 or 4 squadrons of Yassin training jet, each squadron of 16. Although the Yassin jet currently has only a training function, in the future, with its further completion, it can be used as a close support aircraft by equipping it with a variety of bombs and missiles.


The Iranian advanced training jet "Yasin" is 12 meters long, 4 meters high, weighs five and a half tons in operational take-off conditions, and can fly up to 12 kilometers.

With a length of more than 10 meters and an area of ​​24 square meters, the wing of this aircraft is designed to be one of the best training aircraft in the world in landing and take-off with a minimum speed of 200 kilometers per hour.

The maximum speed of this aircraft is announced about 1000 kilometers per hour. The presence of a fully rotating horizontal fin at the tail of the aircraft removes the pilot's limitation for performing various maneuvers, especially exiting the "Spin" mode or rotational fall.

Yasin's advanced training jet, a non-combustible model of the Iranian "Ouj" turbojet engine, has been used. The use of a domestic engine makes the production of this aircraft not dependent on the other countries.

The dry engine generates 3,500 pounds of thrust, which in total, two engines of this type provide 7,000 pounds for Yassin, which is about the power of a warplane engine.

The aircraft's cockpit is designed with a row and non-level layout to provide a comfortable and wide field of view for the student in the front cabin and especially the master pilot in the rear cabin.

The Yassin aircraft's flying seat is of the zero-zero type, meaning that it can operate at zero speed and zero altitudes, that is, even on the runway, throwing its occupants out of the aircraft in a fraction of a second to 100 meters.

The runway's length required for Yasin training jet to take off and land is 800 and 600 meters, respectively. Its total range is 1500 km, and its flight duration is 90 minutes.


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