Tehran (IP) – The spokesman for the National Taskforce for Fighting Coronavirus said that the COVID situation in the world was not favorable, and the UK variant COVID wave had spread all over Europe.

Iran Press/Iran News: In a press conference on Saturday, Alireza Raisi announced the state of coronavirus in the world and in Iran and noted that and 114 million people had been contracted COVID-19, and more than 2.5 million people had died.

Given that the UK and German medical systems were very advanced, but they knelt against the UK variant COVID, it could be said that the UK variant had replaced the Chinese Wuhan virus, he stated.

Regarding the coronavirus situation in Iran, Raisi also said: "Although the trend of this disease has almost stabilized, the provinces of Khuzestan and Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari are facing an increase in the number."

He added that the circulation of the UK variant virus in Khuzestan Province was still high, but good measures had been taken.

Raisi said: "The observance of health protocols in some cities of Khuzestan Province has improved. It seems that the increasing trend of coronavirus is somehow controlled, but it is a long way to reach the desired situation."

He pointed out that more than 12,000 COVID tests were performed daily in Khuzestan Province, and more than 100,000 tests were performed daily throughout the country, which could help diagnose coronavirus quickly.

"Currently, 11 cities in Khuzestan Province are red, 32 cities in Iran are orange, 251 cities yellow, and 154 cities are blue," he announced.

Raisi also stated that in the new round of the general vaccination plan for people living in nursing homes, over 50% of the people with physical disabilities and chemical warfare victims would be vaccinated.

He noted that 250,000 doses of the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine would arrive in Iran today (Saturday), and the arrival date of 4.2 million doses of the COVAX vaccine would be determined.


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