Afghan Interior Min:

Tehran (IP)- The Afghan Interior Minister says that if the enemies of the Afghan people choose the fight, the Afghan forces will be ready.

Iran PressIran news: In an interview with Iran Press on the sidelines of the Soldier Film Festival, Afghan Interior Minister Mohammad Massoud Andarabi stated that the Afghan people wanted peace and stability and supported negotiations, but they supported the Afghan military and security forces in the face of enemy hostility.

He stated that the people of Afghanistan wanted the war to end and to be able to live in peace, but if the enemies chose the path of war, the people of Afghanistan would support the security forces.

The Afghan Interior Minister said that the security and military forces of this country had an important role in establishing security and peace of the people, adding that the Soldier Film Festival showed that the Afghan people loved the security forces of this country.

Andarabi went on to say that the people of Afghanistan consider the security and military forces as their children because they play an important role in the struggle to save the people and the land of Afghanistan.


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