CBI Governor:

Tehran (IP) - The governor of the Central Bank of Iran said that the money that the Central Bank demanded from South Korea was seven billion dollars, but the payments were supposed to start with at least one billion dollars.

Iran Press/Iran News: Abdolnaser Hemmati today (Wednesday) about the agreement between Iran and South Korea on the transfer of Iranian money said: "South Korea has demanded negotiations for payment and we have shown them the way and a payment order has been issued, so this payment will be made whenever they want. And if the payment is not operational, the necessary follow-ups will be done."

Hemmati said: "We must move forward with an agreement and see how the relevant action can be successfully completed based on the agreement."

The Governor of the Central Bank said: "We have started extensive negotiations with countries such as Oman, Japan, Iraq, and Korea. Now the situation is better and things will gradually move forward."


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