Tehran (IP)- At a meeting held at the South Korean embassy's request, Iran's Central Bank governor and the ambassador of South Korea to Tehran agreed on how to move and use part of Iran's banking resources in South Korea.

Iran Press/Iran News: At the meeting, the necessary agreements were made regarding the transfer of resources to the intended destinations, and the decisions of Iran's Central Bank regarding the volume of transferred resources and the destination banks were announced to the Korean side.

The South Korean ambassador to Tehran stated that his country was ready to take all necessary measures for Iran to use all its banking resources in South Korea and that there were no restrictions in this regard.

The CBI governor Abdolnaser Hemmati also said: "Although Iran welcomes the change in the approach of the countries and the increase in cooperation, the legal pursuits of this bank to claim damages due to the non-cooperation of Korean banks in recent years will remain strong."

He added that the Korean side must make great efforts to eradicate this negative record.


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