Tehran (IP) – Iran's Customs spokesman said that the spread of UK variant COVID in Iraq was the cause of the border's closure.

Iran Press/Iran News: Ruhollah Latifi, said on Monday that four Iran-Iraq border crossings had been closed for passenger commute only and announced that the Mehran border crossing would be closed from tomorrow.

He noted that according to governorates' decision, passenger commute had been banned at the borders of Chazabeh, Shalamcheh, Tamarchin, and Kileh.

He added that commute at the Tamerchin and Kileh borders in West Azerbaijan Province had been banned for two weeks since yesterday.

"During the past 12 months, only travel permits were issued to certain individuals with educational, medical, occupational, and business visas, and now these visas will also be banned or restricted," he concluded.


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