Tehran (IP) – The French language website of Iran Press International News Agency was unveiled on Wednesday as its fourth website in the presence of the head of the news agency and the managers.

Iran Press/Iran News: As the first video news agency in the country, Iran Press International News Agency was officially launched on April 16, 2019, in the presence of the IRIB head Abdolali Ali-Askari in the World Service of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting.

In addition to satellite broadcasting, it started with an English language website for international audiences.

The news agency's Arabic website was also unveiled in the summer of 2019 for video and news coverage for regional audiences. The Persian site of Iran Press also started its work in the summer of 2020.

The French language website of Iran Press was launched today as the fourth news website to meet the audiences' needs, and the French-language social networks Twitter and Facebook are also active along with other languages of Iran Press social media.

Iran Press now broadcasts live footage from Iran and other parts of the world to audiences and customers abroad through a 24-hour satellite feed.

The Iran Press website also has a section for selling and distributing the news agency's exclusive content.

In this page, which is linked to the main website as 'IP Direct', the footage produced by the news agency is presented in clean (without logo, subtitle, and text) and in HD quality to the customers, including news networks, news agencies, and international news websites.

Abbas Mohammadnejad has been the Head of the Iran Press News Agency since February 2018.