Qazvin (IP) - The Minister of Health, Treatment, and Medical Education said that Iran would be one of the world's largest vaccine producers against Corona for the next three months.

Iran Press/Iran News: Saeed Namaki said on Monday at the Corona Task Force Headquarters in Qazvin province: "We will vaccinate most vulnerable groups within the next three months, and three months later 70% of high-risk groups will be vaccinated."

"Unlike some neighboring countries, we will not allow the vaccine to be used until it is fully approved and has the slightest side effects," he said.

Namaki said that the United States imposed the cruelest sanctions on Iran in history, which were not imposed on any nation after the Ashura incident, adding: "Following these sanctions, at the height of the corona outbreak, we could not import any medicine into the country. They were waiting for the Islamic Republic of Iran to surrender and thought that this was the only pressure that would be put into operation, but their calculations fell apart."

"Unfortunately, the United States recorded more than 5,000 deaths, and in many big countries, more than a thousand deaths were reported," Namaki said, noting that international organizations calculated that the country's death toll would reach 1,200 in December. Still, the Islamic Republic is experiencing double-digit death, which is also a high number.


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