Tehran (IP) - Iranian president said that any delay in approving the country's budget by the parliament could harm the economy.

Iran PressIran News: Speaking on Sunday at a meeting of the Government's Economic Coordination Board, Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani said that important issues such as the country's budget should not be allowed to be involved in fruitless disputes and discussions.

He added that any delay in approving the next year's budget of the country could harm the economy as a whole and, more importantly, people's livelihoods.

“The amendment to the budget bill has been prepared based on the current conditions and requirements of the country and with a convergence approach, as well as relying on the views of experts and specialists in the country, so any politicization can harm the country's development process and people's rights,” said Rouhani.

In this meeting, considering the international developments and possible changes in global interactions and their effects on the country's economic situation, public expectations, especially in the capital market, were discussed. 

Rouhani stated that non-economic shocks and tensions have affected the economy, elaborating: "It is worthwhile for all officials in different parts of the country to be extremely careful in their actions and statements so that conditions do not form contrary to public expectations that cause negative effects in society.”

He stressed: “The government considers the protection of people's livelihood as its first duty until the last day of its service, and the provision of basic goods at preferential rates will be the definitive policy of the government until the end.”


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