Tehran (IP): Iran's parliamentarian did not vote in favor of the 2021 general budget bill.

Iran PressIran News: The general budget 2021 bill did not win the parliamentarian votes as the lawmakers had not agreed with it in a public session after hearing of the pros and cons explanations as well as the opinion of Vice President Mohammad Baqer Nobakht.

The event occurred with 148 Nays, 99 Ays, and 12 abstentions out of 261 total votes made by present lawmakers.

Just before the voting process Nobkhat who was speaking in the public session on Tuesday criticized the bill in terms of different aspects.

The most important point which he mentioned while criticizing was related to the public resources used by the government, oil dependency of Government.

Furthermore, he had explained that regarding the 4 years of economic siege orchestrated against the Iranian nation and despite the fact that enemies would expect people to succumb to all this hardship, the government had done its best so that the purchasing power would not shrink.


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