Tehran (IP) - Iranian President during a cabinet meeting on Wednesday stated that no part of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action would be changed.

Iran Press/Iran News: Addressing the international community, especially the countries that were members of JCPOA, President Hassan Rouhani underscored during a cabinet meeting: "No part of Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action will be changed. No one will be added to JCPOA. If we are 1 + 4, we remain as 1 + 4. If we are 1 + 5, we remain as 1 + 5. Do not say inappropriate words. We did something that was the product of a lot of effort. It took 10 years. At the beginning of the 11th government, 2 years of efforts were made and an agreement was reached.”

"This agreement is not something that has been reached easily," Rouhani said. “No one can rip up this agreement. If they want this agreement, they must fulfill their commitments.”

The president added: "But our feeling is that the world's public opinion, the world's politicians, even many politicians in the United States believe that the JCPOA can be useful for security and peace and interaction with countries, and we are moving on the same basis."

Rouhani stressed: "Americans should know that they are still violating Resolution 2231, so they should not talk about JCPOA. This is not an Iranian issue. This is a resolution of the UN Security Council. The more you wait, the higher the crime due to violating 2231. Of course, if you come back, we will fulfill our obligations completely, and this is very clear. We did not violate the resolution. We did not withdraw from JCPOA to return. The Americans must return to resolution 2231. They must return to international law.”

The president added: "If we see any goodwill, the answer will be goodwill. If we see any action, the answer will be action. If the commitment was complete, it would be a complete commitment on our part. I hope that all nations and societies will be able to do together what is in the interest of the world, region, and world peace, and achieve a goal that is in the interest of all."


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