Tehran (IP) - Spokesman for the Food and Drug Administration said the vaccination would begin after the first corona vaccine arrived in Iran.

Iran Press/Iran News: In an exclusive interview with Iran Press News Agency on Wednesday, Kianoosh Jahanpour clarified the use of domestic and foreign corona vaccines in the vaccination plan.

The head of the Information and Public Relations Center of Iran Health Ministry stated that any vaccine must be approved by the Food and Drug Administration of Iran and when their license is issued, public information would be provided.

Jahanpour said that some foreign coronavirus vaccines are in the final stages of approval, adding that vaccines from Russia, India, and China are in the final stages of testing.

Iran's Food and Drug Administration's Spokesman said that three steps would be taken in the vaccination plan, adding that in the first step of the plan, the use of vaccines of Russian, Indian and Chinese origin is on the agenda.

Jahanpour stated that in the second step of the vaccination plan, the COVAX Basket vaccine with the focus on the World Health Organization will be used.

The spokesman of the Food and Drug Administration of Iran stated that the third phase of the vaccination plan was important and valuable, stressing that vaccination in the country begins with foreign vaccines and would end with domestically produced vaccines.


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