Iran's minister of health:

Tehran (IP): Iran’s health minister said that the 7th person infected with British coronavirus was identified in southern Iran.

Iran Press/Iran News: Saeed Namaki stated that fortunately their relatives were not affected by the novel coronavirus first detected in England.

Contrary to what has been said about the contagiousness of the so-called virus which is 70%, the virus seems to be more highly infectious, and there has been a record of more deaths due to British coronavirus.

Giving the latest report and statistics on the coronavirus outbreak, Namaki stated that the US, England, Brazil, Germany, and South Africa were on the top of the list of the world countries infected with the coronavirus.

"We are worried about the next peak of COVID-19 and peoples’ travels to southern provinces", the health minister added.

More than 1100 people were hospitalized in Mazandaran province, and the situation in Iran’s Northern provinces is concerning, he added.

Regarding the coronavirus vaccine, Namaki said that vaccine registration from 4 sources in the world, China and Russia has been done, plus Covax which will be Iran’s first source for vaccination of endangered groups.

Pasteur Institute, Barekat, and Razi Institute are following the trial well, he noted.

Iran’s health minister expressed worrisome on the reduction of compliance of health protocols in the country’s capital, Tehran, adding that observing health protocols has been declining and that it has reached 39% from 81%.


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