Tehran (IP) - Stressing that the economic war of the enemy is defeated and coming to an end, Iran's president said that evil and annoying criminal is now gone, and today the conditions of Islamic Iran for economic changes are completely different from a month ago.

Iran Press/Iran News: Speaking in the cabinet meeting on Wednesday, Hassan Rouhani congratulating the arrival of the 10-day Fajr Celebration and the anniversary of the glorious victory of the Islamic Revolution, and said that the economic war of the enemy is defeated and coming to an end.

Rouhani added: "The world wants the United States to return to its obligations with a single voice, and we have also repeatedly stated that whenever you return to your obligations, we will fulfill all our obligations in an hour."

He highlighted: “This single voice of the world is very important. Of course, the Europeans have misplaced objections because we have demands from Europe, and they should not ask for demands from us. We waited patiently and beautifully for a year, listening. They kept promising another two weeks and another month, but they did not act or could not act.”

The president stated: "After a year, we put aside two or three commitments and said that if you return to your commitments in two months, we will return to the first point." For a year, almost 2 months by 2 months, we went ahead, withdrawing from all our executive and operational obligations in the field of nuclear technology. We have always said that if you return to your obligations, the next hour we will return to all our obligations. So our logic is a long and correct logic, they cannot criticize us. While making the wrong objection, everyone agrees that the United States must return to its commitments.”

He added: "Today, we also see that the contemplation of conditions of our trading partners in the region and the world have completely changed from those of ours. Because everyone observes and touches that the great criminal and villain and the one who harassed people every day has gone and the situation has changed. The second issue is when we can resolve our issues with the world.”

"Today, our situation for economic change is completely different from the last one or two months," the president said.

He went on to say: "If our reporters ask any minister whether the country’s current situation in production, economy, development, trade, activity is better than the previous month or two months ago, the ministers will respond that our situation is better today.”


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