Tehran (IP) - The Chief of General Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces said that in a short period of 15 days, the Armed Forces held 10 exercises across the country and added: "Extraordinary measures were taken in these exercises that encouraged the people and disappointed the enemies."

Iran PressIran News: Major General Mohammad Baqeri, Chief of General Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces, said on Monday that the illiterate man (Trump), who could take any action, ostensibly made powerful appearances and efforts, so it was necessary for the armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran to demonstrate their preparations.

The Chief of General Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces stated: "These exercises actually showed Iran's strength and readiness to the world and its enemies, and encouraged the Iranian nation and disappointed the enemies."

Major General Baqeri emphasized: "The enemy announced several times during these exercises through various means that it does not intend any offensive, its actions are purely defensive and have been concerned about the actions of the allies of the Islamic Republic on the anniversary of the martyrdom of General Soleimani."

"In any case, these preparations are absolutely necessary and must continue," he said, noting that we must always be ready and strong and show these abilities to the enemies.

During ‘Eqtedar-99’ drills many divisions of Iranian Armed forces take part in the joint ground, air, and naval exercises across the southern country mainly in the coast of Makran and the Sistan and Baluchestan province also Oman Sea and the Indian Ocean.


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