Makran Coast (IP) - For the first time, mobile electro-optical monitoring systems and mobile GIS control and command were used during the "Eqtedar 99” drill of Iranian Army Ground Forces.

Iran Press/Iran News: According to Iran Press News Agency, accurate monitoring of different areas and objectives in the 'Eqtedar 99' drill was used for the first time by Jalal mobile electro-optical monitoring system. 

This system has been designed and built in Shahid Zarharan Center of the Army Ground Forces, and with the ability to transmit images remotely and in the dark of night to all control and command centers, it can combine radar and optical data. 

Also, in this exercise, the mobile GIS control and command system was used to facilitate the control and ghuidance of operations and the preparation and production of various geographical data and operational maps. 

This system will provide the essential requirements of a commander to control and direct operations in remote, operational and training areas.


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