Human Rights Watch called on the Biden administration to stop selling weapons to Saudi Arabia

Human Rights Watch called on the Biden administration to stop selling weapons to Saudi Arabia and the UAE, to have a positive impact in Yemen.

Iran Press/Middle East: The organization stated that “the parties to the armed conflict in Yemen have continued to violate the laws of war over the past year, including committing what appear to be new war crimes.”

“Years of violations have shown that the conflict parties in Yemen have no intention to stop their violations without a real possibility of accountability,” said Afrah Nasser, a researcher on Yemen at Human Rights Watch.

“Concerned governments should publicly endorse calls for international accountability measures.”

Saudi Arabia with the support of the United States, the United Arab Emirates, and several other countries, has launched a military invasion of Yemen in March 2015 and since then imposed a land, sea, and air blockade on innocent Yemeni people.

The military aggression has so far resulted in nothing but the killing and wounding of tens of thousands of Yemenis, as well as the displacement of millions of citizens, the destruction of infrastructure, famine, and the spread of infectious diseases in the country. 

Recently the United States plans to designate Yemen’s Houthi movement as a foreign terrorist organization, a move that diplomats and aid groups worry could threaten peace talks and complicate efforts to combat the world’s largest humanitarian crisis.

At a UN meeting on Yemen, UN envoy to Yemen Martin Griffiths and representatives of other countries condemned the US act to blacklist Ansarullah and calling the movement a terrorist organization.


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