Tehran (IP) - The families of the martyred Iranian nuclear scientists have filed a lawsuit against the US government for supporting terrorist acts of the Israeli regime.

Iran PressIran news: "This case has a civil aspect, and the families are claiming compensation for the physical and psychological trauma they suffered due to the assassinations," the lawyer of the families, Afzali Nikoo, said on Monday in response to Iran Press."

The Iranian government will also pursue the case at the international level," she added at the press conference on describing the lawsuit that is aimed to judge the US and Israeli regimes' terrorist act of targeting scientists abroad.

According to the lawyer, the 400-page lawsuit, which includes 32 defendants within the US government, requests $100 million in compensation.

Afzali Nikoo added: "In this case, all the capacities of international law will be used. Because the US government has repeatedly condemned the Iranian government and blocked its assets, the Iranian government has the right to do the same."


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